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Wieland stocks and supplies the broadest product range of copper and brass alloys in the industry. Our inventory includes all of the alloys listed below in a variety of forms including sheet, strip, and coil, as well as a wide assortment of High-Performance Alloys from Olin Brass, for enhanced performance. We also supply copper-clad alloys that are tailored to meet specific customers’ needs.

Alloys are selected for applications based on strength, formability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, stress relaxation, wear resistance, color, machinability, and other qualities. Each series of alloys will offer the ability to customize the performance of copper for the application.


CuVerro is a class of bactericidal copper alloys, the first solid surface materials to be granted “antimicrobial public health claims” status by U.S. EPA.*

Application Notes

We offer CuVerro alloys in strip, cut-to-length sheet, round rod and ingot forms, all available in a choice of colors and finishes and produced to meet the ideal strength and hardness specs for any given application. Special finishes, like No.4 satin-brushed with PVC protective film, and small trial quantities for start-ups are also available.

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