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Light Gauge Aluminum Foil and Fin Stock

Single-source supplier of battery and capacity foils, high-end coated products, food grade foils, and more.

Wieland Metal Services offers an extensive selection of metal products and services to meet your custom needs. Light gauge Aluminum Foil and Fin Stock, specifically, has many applications and serves diverse industries nationwide. You can trust Wieland to support your business now and in the future

wieland Acid etch coating

Acid etch coating

Acid etch coatings are available in varied finishes including hydrophobic – a finish that repels water – and hydrophilic – a finish that absorbs water.

wieland Battery foils

Battery foils

Battery foils are offered in a range of alloys for use in various battery types and for the automotive industry.

wieland Blister pack foils

Blister pack foils

Blister packaging foils are designed for use by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure freshness of products.

wieland Brand identity logo foils

Brand identity logo foils

Logo foils are perfect for printing personalized and custom logos on aluminum wrappings.

wieland Candy foils

Candy foils

An extension of Wieland’s food packaging foils, aluminum candy foils are available in various colors, sizes, and finishes including logo printed for use in creating candy wrappers.

wieland Tool wrap foils

Tool wrap foils

Tool wrap foils are designed to protect tools and parts to increase quality and longevity through heat treating.

Channel letter coil sign trim

Channel letter coil sign trim

Channel letter coil sign trim is used to fabricate 3-dimensional letters in exterior and interior signs.

wieland Craft foils

Craft foils

Crafting foil enables customers to create impressive design elements to projects, including embossing, die-cutting, stamping, and more.

Energy recovery coating

Energy recovery coating

Supplier of desiccant and corrosion-resistant coated aluminum foil for energy recovery applications such as heat exchanger, enthalpy, dehumidification, and sensible wheels.

wieland Foil with heat activated adhesive

Foil with heat activated adhesive

Automotive window trim and roof ditch panels are available for use in the automotive industry to preserve the integrity of the vehicles.

wieland Lidding foils

Lidding foils

An extension of Wieland’s food packaging foils, lidding foils are designed to be used for covering food containers.

wieland lubricated foils

Lubricated foils: filter stock/food packaging

Filter stock foils are texturized for insulation and food packaging. They are great for forming attractive and efficient food packaging, ensuring freshness, security, and recyclability.

wieland pressure sensitive adhesive laminated foils

Pressure sensitive adhesive laminated foils

Adhesive laminated foils are offered in a variety of products and use-cases as they are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and lead to high performance.

wieland Residential and commercial windows

Residential and commercial windows

Bare and color stripe coated aluminum and stainless steel window spacers have the strength to hold glass panes in position in both residential and commercial applications.

wieland Sound deadening

Sound deadening

An extension of Wieland’s automotive foils, sound deadening materials (bare aluminum or logo coated) are designed to support automotive manufacturing and insulation to control noise.

Whether you are interested in precision metal slitting, cleaning, metal coatings, cut-to-length, or traverse winding, we provide quality services to meet your light gauge project requirements. Contact us today.
Product Applications
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • Customer-designed logos
  • Decorative coatings
  • Desiccant coatings
  • Heat activated adhesives
  • Acid-etched
  • Labware
  • High temperature coating to withstand up to 850°Fs
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive lamination
  • Primer coatings
  • Repeatable 56 dyne cleaning capability
  • Sound deadening coating solutions
Industries Served
  • Food Packaging
  • Labware & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Automotive/Electric Vehicles
  • Thermal Protection
  • HVAC & Duct Systems
  • Signage
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Flexible Packaging




Thickness Width
.00035 ­– 0.0059” 0.09 – 60”



Fin Stock/Sheet

Thickness Width
0.006 ­– 0.250”     0.09 – 60”

Aluminium Cut-to-Length

Thickness Width Legth range
0.002 ­– 0.125” 1″ – 48” 4″ – 192”

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Copyright 2021 © Wieland
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