Cut-To-Length (also known as CTL) is a popular method of creating flat, rectangular blanks from a larger metal coil.  The process will uncoil the metal from the master coil, flatten it, cut it to the required length as it moves through the line, and stack it.


Below is an overview of our cut-to-length sheeting capabilities. Please contact us with your current specifications for a quote.


Thickness  Width Length
With tissue: .00035 ­– .0080” (0.009 – 0.203mm)
Without tissue: .0020 ­– .1250” (0.050 – 3.175mm)
Up to 53.00” (1346.0mm) Up to 144.00” (3658.0mm)


  • Sheeted and packaged
  • Available with or without tissue interleaving
  • Tight tolerances upon request

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