Tinning & Electroplating

We offer a variety of tinned and electroplated products to meet our customers’ special needs.

Tin plating and electroplating systems are applied to enhance surface conditions and material performance.


Some reasons for tin plating:

  • Fretting & Corrosion resistance
  • Appearance and cosmetics
  • Solderability
  • Lower insertion force
  • Contact resistance

Hot Tin Dip – HALT (Hot Air Level Tinning)

Process involves air ‘knives’ blowing excess tin off metal surface after tin dipping.

  • Commercial Coat 40-80 Micro Inches
  • Medium Coat 100-250 Micro Inches
  • Heavy Coat 200-300 Micro Inches


  • Thicker than mechanical wipe
  • Higher insertion force
  • Better solderability

Hot Tin Dip – Mechanical Wipe

Thickness: 20 – 100 micro inches / 0.50 – 2.0 microns


  • No tin whiskers
  • Thin, hard coating
  • Low insertion force
  • Poor solderability and electrical performance
  • Dull streaked surface / cloudy
  • Nearly 100% IMC (Intermetallic Compound) in initial condition

Matte Tin



  • Higher insertion force
  • Good solderability
  • Good electrical performance
  • Poor solderability and electrical performance
  • Can be plated selectively

Reflow Tin


Process produces the best mirror reflective surface, and can provide lowest insertion force possible on multi-way connectors.

Thickness: 20 –130 micro inches / 0.5 – 3.3 microns

  • Uniformity of coating
  • Excellent cosmetics
  • No tin whiskers
  • Barrier layer can be applied
  • Low insertion force
  • Excellent solderability and electrical performance
  • Allows thin coating to survive 125ºC+ for 3,000 hours

Advanced Tin Barrier™– Retards IMC growth, provides improved electrical performance, lowers whisker propensity


Other plating systems include: Nickel, Gold, Silver, and Palladium which offer excellent performance for many connector applications.

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