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Metal Composite Material (MCM) is produced by bonding thin sheets of metal to either side of a thermoplastic core with heat and pressure. Often made with painted or treated aluminum, also known as ACM, MCM are also produced with zinc, copper, stainless steel, and titanium, often referred to as natural metals.  Aluminum composite material has several applications, ranging from modern architecture to storefronts, gas stations, signage, and more.


ALPOLIC® Metal Composite Panels for Architectural Applications

Wieland-Wrisco is a proud distributor of ALPOLIC®’s Metal Composite Material (MCM). ALPOLIC® panels are available for both exterior and interior applications and have been used extensively in exterior architectural applications such as building fascia, storefront entryways, curtainwalls, cladding service station canopies, and column covers. ALPOLIC® is also the ideal choice for store fixturing, food service merchandisers, kiosks, point-of-purchase displays, trade show exhibits, and fascia systems. ALPOLIC®, produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Composites, Inc. is the respected world leader in metal composite material technology.

Advantages of ALPOLIC® MCM panels:

  • Retain remarkable tensile strength.
  • Deliver superior flatness, rigidity, and stability under changing thermal conditions.
  • Lightweight and easy to attach.
  • Speeds construction times
  • Vibration dampening
  • Extreme durability
  • Ease of maintenance

Wieland-Wrisco offers all ALPOLIC® standard stock, corporate identity, and preformulated products. We provide a vast color pallet of corporate identity, architectural, and custom color options to create unique projects. In addition, we can offer your design project unique architectural finishes such as ALPOLIC®’s Matte, Solid Color, Mica, Metallic, Prismatic, Timber Series, Stone Series, Decorative Metals, Multi-Color, Pattern Series, Natural, Exotic Metals and Anodized. Click here to view the ALPOLIC® Materials color chart or to request samples.


Product Material

Size Range

Gauge     Width

ALPOLIC® Panels Aluminum composite

3mm       62“- 192“


– FEVE and PVDF paint coatings

– Solid, metallic, prismatic, anodized,

woodgrain and other exotic finishes

– 10-to-30-year finish warranties

– Polyethylene and fire-resistant

cores available

– 70+ stock colors and custom colors

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