Aluminum Diamond Tread plate

Aluminum tread plate (also known as diamond tread plate, diamond plate, checker plate or floor plate) is available in the alloy 3003-H22 with a bright (polished or reflective) or anodized finish. Alloys 6061, 5086 and 5052 available upon request.

Aluminum diamond tread plate is

  • strong and lightweight
  • corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant, making it great for outdoor or indoor use
  • has a beautiful pattern that is slip-resistant and provides great traction
  • has the raised diamond pattern on one side and the reverse side is smooth
  • easily formable and fabricated
  • can be drilled, sheared, and welded


Alloy Standard Gauge Standard Widths Standard Lengths
3003 H22 (Alloys 6061, 5086 and 5052 available upon request) 0.045 0.063 0.080 0.125 0.190 0.250 48″ and 60″ 96″ 120″

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